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386 Fillmore Avenue Tonawanda, New York

Alry Tool & Die Company was founded in 1944 by Martin Ryan, Peter Allen and his sons James, Francis, Sr. and Joseph (President) as a die making facility in a garage on Cherry Street in Buffalo, New York. A new Alry was "born" as a 3500 square foot building on four acres of land at the corner of Fillmore and Reservation in the Town of Tonawanda, New York on January 17, 1955. At the time, it employed a total of eight. As the years passed, the founders brought their sons in to the business and taught them the trade. Each of the sons have attained college degrees to augment their "hands on" training.

A lot has changed in the ensuing years - even the street names. While still in the same location, Alry is now at the corner of Fillmore and the Twin Cities Highway. In 1960, the Forge Shop was begun in a free standing building adjacent to the original. The original building was expanded by 12,320 square feet through 1984, adding additional forging, die making, and shipping space.

In 1986, the sons of the founders, the late Michael Ryan (President), Michael Allen, Thomas Allen, Francis (Butch) Allen, Jr., and Daniel Allen purchased the business with their eyes on deeper expansion into the forging industry. Focusing on their new direction, the second generation has since added another 5,040 square feet, bringing the total to 20,860 square feet. This dedication has resulted in die production to manufacture approximately 900,000 forgings per year for industries in defense, robotics, aircraft, marine, commercial, and hand tools.

As the current owners prepare for the future, the third generation is being trained and educated to carry Alry into the 21st century. Butch Allen's sons, Richard and Casey; Thomas Allen's son, Timothy; and Michael Allen's son, Joseph are serving apprenticeships while looking forward to their college degrees. In addition to family members, three employees are also training in our die making facility.

Alry currently employs 30 people and generates sales of approximately $3,000,000.00 per year. With the new generation on board, the future holds promise for continued success and growth.


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