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Once Alry receives a blueprint, we proceed to make the master die. A plaster cast is made from the master die for approval. After the plaster cast has been approved, the forging dies are made, using the master die as a pattern.


Bar stock is ordered for the manufacture of the forgings. The completed forging dies are then mounted in a hammer of sufficient size to form the forgings. The bar stock is cut into lengths appropriate to the dimensions of the finished forging. The lengths of material are heated in a forging furnace.


Each length is pulled from the forging furnace by the hammerman using tongs, and placed in the blocker area of the forging die. The hammer is activated for several blows.


Then, the rough formed forging is moved to the finisher area of the forging die. The hammer is activated once again for several blows. At this point, the forging is fully formed, but, still has a flash attached to it. The flash is the excess material around the formed forging.


The forged piece is removed from the forging dies by a trimmerman and is placed in a trim press. A few blows are necessary to remove the flash from the forging. The completed forging is then placed in a cooling bin. The cooling bin may contain liquid, to comply with the specifications provided on the blueprint supplied. Once cooled, the forgings are placed in a wheelabrator with fine steel shot to clean off scale and discoloration formed in the forging process.

Throughout the forming of forgings, inspections are done on the first forging lot to assure tolerance specifications. Additional inspections are made according to the size of the production run. Inspections are also performed on a percentage of the run before and after wheelabrating, and prior to packaging for shipment.


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